What we do

We are an Impact Investment Foundation.
We invest, we accelerate and we create a better flow in developing social business.
This results in more a profitable execution and increased goal oriented impact.

We call this Smart Capital.

Smart Capital

Smart Capital is everything our team brings in to increase the benefit of an investment.
Harvard research shows that adding experience and knowledge to a company increases the chances of success by 50%.

    • How to create a scalable impact on people
    • How to find your first customers
    • How to define your product or service
    • How to fund your business or project
    • How to find the right partners to do business
    • How to be accountable to a board of directors and investors
    • How to build a successful team
    • How an innovation process works
    • How to construct a pilot environment and do experiments in an early stage

    How it works

    We invest smart capital in products, services and companies that improve people’s lives. 
    We have a very clear focus on realizing social investments.
    We use the power of partnerships to improve the quality of people’s lives. We have three signature partnerships

    • Early stage companies, this could be as early as an idea with a business plan.
    • Accelerating companies that want to expand their business and scale their impact.
    • Mature companies that want to innovate to increase their impact on the quality of people’s lives.

    The way we work

    • Connect with one of our team members and we will have a call before setting up a meeting with the rest of the team.
    • We evaluate your plan or challenge immediately and within 1 appointment we will both know whether we want to continue.

    About us

    We are the Immersive Impact Foundation. We have a board with 3 members that guard our DNA and the financials of the foundation.
    The projects are designed and executed by 4 entrepreneurial staff members. We are driven to create a social impact in an entrepreneurial setting.
    Together with people, companies and institutions we work on added value for our society. We come up with ideas and develop them into a solution, company and always a better future.

    Immersive Impact Foundation Tolooba Australia


    (Pending B-corp) since 2018
    Timeline investment: 2016 - ongoing
    Tolooba Memory is an International oriented AI- and VR-based startup for bringing back precious memories to people suffering memory loss due to dementia. Triggering good memories from the past for living a better life now. Tolooba is founded by the Immersive Impact Foundation and now preparing for an International acceleration. We invested in business development, product development, funding strategy, market introduction and validation with a consortium of at least four partners Nationally and Internationally. Therefore we build the team, connected the right knowledge partner with the Alzheimer Nederland Foundation and found Isaac Ventures as a equity partner. Tolooba is currently a pending B-corp and was nominated for the top-15 Smart Ageing Innovations for elderly people in Europe and Canada.
    Immersive impact - Cliniclown netherlands

    CliniClowns Netherlands

    Since 1992
    Timeline investment: 2016 - ongoing
    We are investing in a Virtual Clown Doctor to grow the impact of the Cliniclowns from 90.000 to a minimum of 200.000 sick and vulnerable children. We invested in the business modelling, setting up the right partnerships, e.g. Tolooba, construct a pilot environment and creating experiments in an early stage within hospitals. The Virtual Clown doctor is the biggest innovation of the Clown Doctors worldwide.
    Immersive Impact Kampioensschalen


    since 2013
    Timeline investment: 2016 - ongoing
    The aim is to enable children from poor families to play sports at an official club. As a licensed partner of the Dutch National Football League (KNVB) we are supplier of the Official Champions Cup for all amateur football clubs in the Netherlands. Our aim is to to contribute in at least 1500 children per year who are living in poverty.
    Young Empowerment Projects

    Young Empowerment Projects

    Timeline investment: 2017 - 2018
    As a team we have invested in the so called FUNN pilot project. Together with 6 school dropouts we co-created their own festival together with the other dropouts. In advance of the pilot we promised the school and the students that after 9 months they will be able to make a motivated choice for still dropping school or returning to it. From the 6 students in the pilot group 100% returned to school for education within 9 months. Another outcome was that the students had no longer addictions and motivational issues. A substantial rollout is planned next year by the YEP Foundation.
    Grandcafe Z & Z Building

    Grandcafe Z & Z Building

    since 2017
    Timeline investment: 2017 - 2019
    As a team we have supported the personal growth of hospitality entrepreneur Bouwinus Sikkes. Started as the smallest coffee company in town, he had an ambition to be the most relevant hospitality entrepreneur in town. From 30 up to 1500 square meters hospitality. We set up the proposition, the concept design, the financial strategy and were responsible for the social business development. We also build a successful team (from 2 to 30 fte) to execute the operational strategy. Within a period of 9 months we have realized a profitable execution and we won the prize of the best coffee in a Grand Cafe in the Netherlands.

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